Monday, October 26, 2009

Stand Up for Your Conviction(s)

Do you remember that song, Stand By Your Man? I know those who are reading either have no idea or that song is playing in your head right now. Okay, enough singing, pay attention. :) Perhaps, there should be a sequel to that song, called Stand Up for Your Convictions. What do you think? When thinking of standing up for one's conviction, a story from the college years come to mind. Picture it..., wait wrong beginning (I've watched way too many Golden Girls episodes). Back in junior college I had several dorm-mates that I hung around the dorm with at night. All of them smoked, so we always hung out outside, for obvious reasons. One particular incident comes to mind when thinking of standing up for my conviction(s). I recall one night one of the young ladies made a statement to the effect that I would probably start smoking too, because I hung around them. I remember at least thinking "no I am not." I don't recall if I said it aloud or not. Now, before I go any further, I would like to take the opportunity to say I am not condemning anyone who has or does smoke, that's not the point here. On the other hand, I am not condoning smoking either(don't worry, this is not a say no to drugs speech). I stayed true to my conviction to not smoke. I could have just as easily said "Okay, pass me one now, I'll get started." However, I made a choice to refrain, and it wasn't really a hard choice(I've never been a "smoker," although, my parents smoked and I did once put a cigarette to my mouth to blow on to light a firecracker). I said all that to say this, we can do the same against the enemy when it comes to our health, finances, relationships, etc. We can stand up for our conviction(s) and say No! I am not going to give in to this circumstance, I am going to resist. I am claiming God's Word over this and standing on it!(Of course it helps if you have the Word in your spirit.) I said no to smoking, because I knew what it could do to me(we won't get into all the second hand smoke I probably inhaled, unintentionally of course. That's beside the point). How many times have we sat back and allowed the enemy to take over, forgetting that he is already defeated and is under our feet(Ephesians 1:22)? We can't sit idly by and watch, we have to stand firm on God's promises. After all, He has good plans for us!(Jeremiah 29:11) I would much rather have God's plan than the alternative!

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