Thursday, February 25, 2010


After focusing on the people that have rejected me in my lifetime, I was impressed upon to make two lists. One of the people I know that accept me unconditionally and the other of the people that I know have rejected me. I discovered that after I was done with both lists, that I had way more on the accepted side than on the rejected side. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to focus more on those that accept me than on those that reject me. However, I should pray for those that have rejected me. Isn't it just like the enemy to want us to focus on the few people we don't have in our lives than on the many we do?

Jesus was rejected by many (Is 53:3) and to this day is still being rejected all over the world. However, He is accepted by many believers and most importantly God the Father! Everyone wants to be accepted but we don't have to compromise in order to be accepted. Look at Jesus. Many people rejected him, but He still spoke the Good News and died and rose again for us. He didn't stress over the ones who rejected Him but had Compassion and Mercy for those who freely accepted Him. Some people that rejected Him at first eventually accepted Him, like Saul(Paul). Maybe in time, like Saul(Paul), once they've seen God's love shining through, they may accept you, maybe not. God never compromises on His word, and neither should you and I. Lead a godly life, pray for those that reject you, and cherish the ones that freely and unconditionally accept you. The ones that reject you do not know your worth and are missing out on tremendous blessings. The ones that accept you are truly blessed and see your worth and true potential. They love you without condition. Don't live out of others' heads, just live according to God's word. If you are worth nothing to anyone else on this earth, you are worth a lot to God, the one who divinely created you! Like my pastor says: "When you're accepted by the Best, who cares about the rest?" This is not a license to be a jerk, but one to live a life according to God's plan and word without fear of rejection. Remember God SO loves you
(John 3:16)!


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